Dr. Chan

Dr. Chan, a native San Franciscan, graduated from The University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine with a focus in avian and exotic animals. Since the beginning of her veterinary career, she has treated a multitude of species such as birds, reptiles, rodents, rabbits, cats and dogs. She prides herself in taking a thorough, comprehensive approach in treating all her patients and educating their owners. Prior to joining the Sunset Veterinary Hospital family, Dr. Chan worked as an exotics-focused veterinarian for several hospitals in the Bay Area, and is excited for the opportunity to serve the community in her hometown. 

During her free time, Dr. Chan has volunteered at non-profit organizations such as the San Francisco SPCA, PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support), VetSOS (Veterinary Street Outreach Services), and a wildlife rehabilitation center. She enjoys training her parents’ birds to sing Christmas jingles, volunteers to perform spay and neuter procedures on adoptable exotic small mammals at a local veterinary technician school, and ventures around the city in search of the perfect boba milk tea. When she’s not exploring the Bay Area’s vibrant community, Dr. Chan enjoys traveling to far away places to learn about different cultures and cuisines. Whether your companion has four, two or even no legs (snakes!), Dr. Chan would love to meet them.